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Dental bibs are important equipment for dental practice and are used to protect patient clothing from providing dental instruments during procedures. These disposable dental bibs made from high-quality ply tissue, also known as disposable dental bibs, are a crucial part of any dental professional's equipment line.


Why use dental bibs instead of patient towels?


We recommend the dental professional use dental bibs instead of patient towels because dental bibs provide more hygienic and efficient solutions. While patient towels require sterilisation, that increases the risks of contamination and infection.


School of Glamology: Your Partner in Dental Supplies


At the school of glamology, we offer a wide range of dental products, including dental bib clips and dental bibs that help the dentist provide a safe environment for their patients. We provide high-quality equipment that helps you create a safe and efficient environment for your patients. We also provide educational material, guidance, usage instructions, and infection control solutions to many dental professionals all over the USA, including Montgomery County.


Benefits of disposable dental bibs:


  • Water-resistant bibs protect the patient's clothing during the procedure.
  • Provide comfort to the patient during the whole dental procedure.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes according to patient requirements.
  • Dental disposable bibs prevent the spread of infection by containing sterile fluids.
  • Disposable bibs provide efficiency for any dental procedure.


Delivery Services:


Dental bibs are readily available at our store in the school of glamology.  Our knowledgeable sales representative and customer service team understand your dental practice and procedure and suggest the right bibs. We offer standard ground delivery and priority delivery for your convenience.

  • Our non-stock items: Certain bibs, like the Dri-Gard Patient Towel, require a separate order.
  • Special order products: dental liners or specialty bibs are special order products.


We also provide:


  • dental cements
  • super bib clip
  • office supplies
  • Small dental equipment
  • contamination prevention products
  • Dri-gard patient towel


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Teeth Whitening Dental Bibs

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