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These teeth-whitening protective glasses provide protection from teeth-whitening accelerator lamps. These protective glasses filter the high-intensity light and allow your patient to stay calm and easy during the teeth-whitening process.


What are the benefits of using teeth-whitening protective goggles?


Many dentists use the light activation Zoom! by Philips, which releases high-intensity light. This light contains a high level of active whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that damage the eyes if not properly protected.


Why Choose Our Protective Goggles?


Our protective goggles with deep orange or bronze-colored lenses are helpful to block the blue light emitted during teeth-whitening treatments. These goggles allow for a smooth teeth-whitening process and protect you from high-intensity light.


Here's what you should think before buying our teeth-whitening protective goggles:


  • The benefit of buying protective glasses is to protect your eyes from light and UV rays and enjoy a safe and comfortable teeth-whitening process.

  • Only wear it during teeth-whitening treatments, especially those using light activation.

  • Types: Available in various styles, colors, sizes, and price points perfectly suited to your budget. 

  • Our glasses are designed with high-quality material and fully aligned with industry standards to protect your eyes from harmful light.


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Teeth Whitening Protective Goggles

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