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The Joyce Jade oral brush-up kit is very effective in removing hard, solid plaque that's not possible with manual toothbrushes and toothpaste. These disposable wipes or teeth wipes are moistened with a mint flavor solution that keeps your mouth fresh and prevents bacterial attack.


More Information about Product


  • Finger Tooth brush-Ups for Oral Health

  • Mint flavor,fresh breath,sugar-free

  • Portable and disposable; no water needed; perfect for travel, the office, home, etc.

  • Ingredients in active coating: pepper mint oil,menthol,methyl paraben,propyl paraben,PEG-400,sodium saccharine,starch

  • The package includes 50 pieces of tooth wipes.


Benefits of Joyce Jade Oral Brush-Ups


  • Our oral brush-ups are convenient, require no water, and are long-term usable.

  • Its mint flavor prevents a foul smell and is ideal for travelling, business meetings, and giving a fresh breath. 

  • Completely resolved the hard, solid plaque and killed all the bacteria. 

  • It's perfect for gum care and also stimulates blood circulation in the gums.


Who can use it?


  • Oral brush-ups are very convenient for people who want to maintain their oral hygiene. These people are: 

  • Who have a tight schedule and don't have much time to take care of their oral health. 

  • People who have travelled a lot for tourist and business purposes can easily use brush-ups.

  • People who have damaged gums or any kind of tooth problems.

  • People who wear bruises.


Shop our popular oral brush-ups, most popular among general dentists and surgeons. Our comprehensive collection includes replacement brush heads, electric toothbrushes, and battery-powered toothbrushes.

Joyce Jade brush-up kit is a 45-degree angle turned for those who want to maintain their oral skin hygienic conditions. Our brush-up is similar to the most popular dentist, Dr. . Tung's, dental flossing process.


Don't skip using this awesome product. Buy 50 oral brush-ups pieces for just $19.99.


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