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Dental bib clips are useful for dental practice and are the most important part of dental accessories. These bib clips, also called bib holders, dental bib clips, napkin holders, and dental patient bibs, ensure a smooth and easy treatment process.


Product specification


  • Colour available: white yellow

  • Material: bibs made with stainless steel, holders made with plastic, and chains made with silicon.

  • Long, medium, and short chains are available, depending on the requirement.

  • Light in weight


Why choose our dental bib clips?


  • Our dental clips featured multiple advanced options: flexible chain, metal chain, and ball chain. These features hold and keep the bib in place and enhance patient comfort. 

  • These dental bib clips are made with high-quality silicon and metal, which ensure their durability. 

  • Long coli flexible chains allow the dental professional to easily adjust the bibs and deliver quality treatment. 

  • We provide a wide range of dental bib clips, including disposable dental bib clips, reusable dental bib clips, metal chains,silicon chains, and flexible coil chains that best fit your requirements.

  • We are a trusted and reputable brand, and we partner with Kirr to supply you with quality dental products and make your practice smooth and comfortable for patients.


Advantages of using dental bib clips


  • Make the dental procedure comfortable for the patient

  • Control infection by creating barriers and preventing contamination. 

  • Allow the dentist to perform your procedure comfortably and accurately. 


Contact us today and fulfil your high-quality dental supply needs.


In addition to dental bibs clips we also offer Teeth Whitening Dental Bibs to accelrate the dental procedure.

Dental Bib Clips

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