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Enhance your beauty with glamorous, stunning Mink Strip lashes crafted meticulously to ensure durability and softness. For small gatherings, big parties, and nights out, our thick lashes are the ideal choice. Joyce Jade Luxury Mink Fur Strip Lash can be used 25 times without experiencing any degradation in quality. For every eye size and style, our best collections—natural and volume—are ideal. Our pairs are available in a range of sizes and shapes and are presented in a beautiful magnetic box to preserve their quality.




  • Our premium-quality mink fur strip lashes ensure comfortable wear and add a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. 

  • Joyce Jade mink strip lashes are designed to mimic the natural lash experience. Our strip lash extension seamlessly blends with natural lashes to ensure a more luxurious and natural look. 

  • Our eyelash strip has customizable lengths and styles for any occasion. Choose the suitable style and size to achieve the desired look.

  • Experience super flexible band lashes to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Shape your eyes with versatile and customizable lashes, and enjoy durability and long-term wearability. 


Application Process


Clean the eyelids and make them free from any makeup and dust. Trim the lashes to the length of your eyelids and perfectly match the shape of your eyes. Apply Joyce Jade Eyelash Extension Glue, then let it dry for 60 seconds. Carefully place them with the help of a tweezer and finger, then press them gently and let them adjust properly. Extend their length and enhance thickness with the desired brand of mascara. Enjoy stunning looks. 

 Indulge in the ultimate luxury with our Mink Fur Strip Lashes. Elevate your beauty routine and unleash your inner glamour with every flutter.

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Joyce Jade Luxury Mink Fur Strip Lashes

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