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Try our 5ml bottle of Eyelash extension adhesive - the ultimate ally for keeping extensions firmly in place! Paired perfectly with our Joyce Jade Classic Eyelash Extensions, available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, this adhesive forms an unbreakable chemical bond between the extensions and natural lashes. Reserved exclusively for skilled professionals, its superior quality ensures maximum retention and eliminates the risk of irritation caused by cheap alternatives. 


Joyce Jade Adhesive Perks


  • The special formula is harmless to your natural lashes.
  • The extensions adhere in 0.5-1 seconds which means finishing the service faster. 
  • There are no harmful fumes that burn your clients eyes.
  • 1-2 drops is all that's needed to do a full service.
  • No refrigeration is needed.
  • Easily removed with the Joyce Jade Gel Remover.


We hired our own chemist to specially make this formula to provide the best product on the market at an affordable price. Get your bottle today!

Joyce Jade Pro Eyelash Extension Adhesive

  • Once the bottle has been opened, no return will be allowed!

  • Store at room temperature.

    Be sure to screw the cap on tightly after each use.

    Discard the product 6 months after the bottle has opened.

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