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Joyce Jade Eyelash Extensions

Who does not like thick long and beautiful eyelashes? Joyce Jade brings you the finest variety of false eyelashes suitable for every event. Choosing a right eyelash is a best decision you make while doing you makeup because this product have ability to transform your look. Your makeup look is incomplete without eyelashes extension and finding the perfect size, material and shape is near to impossible. But not anymore because we have 3 sizes of eyelashes thickness (.10C .15C .20C). There are 12 rows in each tray of different sizes. They are very long lasting, easy to apply, adhere and easy to remove. The length varies from 8mm to 15mm. it has C curl pattern. The material is good in quality gives a natural look and very durable.


Joyce Jade Mixed Length Classic Eyelash Extensions .10C .15C .20C