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Are you tired of using fake eylashes? Then don't worry; the School of Glamology offers meticulously designed, long, thick, and beautiful eyelash extensions. Joyce Jade brings you the finest variety of eyelash extensions suitable for every client and provides comfort and uniqueness to the eyes. Our eyelash extensions boost your confidence and have already been tested with many clients and celebrities.


Advanced Features:


  • Crafted with premium synthetic Fibres

  • Eyelashes extension thickness range .05C .07C .10C .15C .20C & .25C.

  • There are 12 rows in each tray of 8mm-15mm length extensions.

  • Long Lasting easy to apply, adhere and easy to remove.

  • Reuse 20-25 times

  • Resistant to water, oil and sweet


Application Process:


  • Evaluate the eye skin and clean it properly.

  • Select the length and style of eyelash extensions that are suitable for your eye shape, and then curl the extensions.

  • Apply a thin layer of Joyce Jade Pro extension glue, then adjust the eyelash extensions with a finger and tweezer. 

  • Press gently to adjust properly.


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Enjoy the easy and smooth application process!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

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