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Joyce Jade uses straight tweezers as a as a secret weapon to achieve flawless aesthetic results. Make your lashes and makeup process easier with high-grade stainless steel straight tweezers. Upgrade your eyelash kit with ergonomic-designed tweezers that prefer accuracy over sharpness.


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The silver stainless steel tip and handle are covered with purple-greenish rubber.

Made with high-quality stainless steel

Length 120mm

Light in weight and easy to carry 

User-friendly, perfect for both beginners and professionals




Handle fine hairs or handle long curves of lashes. Our straight pair of tweezers are designed to provide effortless control.

Our straight tweezers are perfect to provide unweaving accuracy for beadwork, jewellery making, eyelash extensions, and meticulous hair removal.

Joyce Jade tweezers are versatile enough to handle multiple tasks without damaging or compromising on quality.

It is very easy to clean and sanitize without wasting too much time. 

Stop frustrating yourself. Grab our straight tweezers and experience precision perfected for just $18. Buy a pair of tweezers for a small amount.


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Joyce Jade, Holiday Splatter Straight Tweezer Set

$24.99 Regular Price
$18.74Sale Price
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