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Joyce Jade dynamic straight and curved tweezer sets help precise lash application processes prevent them from sticking together and disintegrating. Our straight and curved tweezer set is great for isolating lashes and holding them strongly. Great for both artists and biggners. 


Key Features:


  • Our pointed and curved tip tweezers ensure an easy and flawless lash application process.

  • Curlinery tweezers with a fine, curved, and straight tip hold minute objects and single lashes strongly and perfectly.

  • Made with high-quality durable stainless steel coated with hot pink rubber that allows a perfect and comfortable hold

  • 12.5 cm long with a finely pointed tip 

  • Usable for a long time without affecting quality

  • Highly recommended by industrial artists and professionals to achieve long-lasting results.


How to use?


Glide through your lash extension application effortlessly as you wield our sleek straight and curve tweezers. With a gentle grip, effortlessly pick up and adjust each extension, ensuring flawless lashes every time.

But the magic doesn't end there! Once your lash masterpiece is complete, it's time to pamper your trusty tools. Wash away any residue with ease, disinfecting them to perfection for safe and hygienic reuse.


Get a wonderful grooming and crafting experience with our straight and curved tweezers set. Grab your set today and experience precision perfection.


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Joyce Jade, Hot Pink Straight & Curve Tweezer Set

$24.99 Regular Price
$12.50Sale Price
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