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The Joyce Jade straight tweezer set is a comprehensive toolkit meticulously designed to take the game to new heights. Our fine-tipped tweezers come in a variety of styles and functions. 

A purple-greenish pair of tweezers is made of stainless steel to perform tasks precisely and meticulously. Our Joyce Jade Straight Tweezer is incredible to achieve flawless results every time suggested by artists world-wide and approved by IOS.


Advanced Features:


Color: Purple-Greenish

High-quality Material: Crafted with strong, high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.

Ultra-fine tip to grab the fine hair with proper control and accuracy.

The handle is covered with purple-greenish rubber that's easy to hold.


Top-level performance: the Joyce Jade straight tweezer set delivers professional results for every precise task.

Built with premium-quality material to ensure durability and longevity without degradation of quality.

It's light in weight and easily usable from the comfort of your home to achieve whatever you want, wherever you travel.

A stylish design adds a stylized touch to your beauty kit.

Our incredibly designed tweezer ensures accurate control and prevents slipping while tackling lashes.


Straight Tweezer Cleaning Process


The cleaning of tweezers is very essential for maintaining quality and enhancing optimal performance. Here are some sample steps that you can follow to clean or disinfect your tweezer.

Clean tweezers with warm water and acetone completely. Use your fingers to gently rub its tip. I raised the water again to clean up the remaining residue. Let the air dry. Take a cotton swab into 70% isopropyl alcohol and massage the tip completely. Now store it for use again. 


Buy and add a high-quality image showcase tweezer set for just $14.


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Joyce Jade, Holiday Ombré Straight Tweezer Set

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$14.99Sale Price
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