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Joyce Jade advanced collection of Tooth Rhinestone Gems is a blend of beauty and dental art. Experience a wonderful smile with our special set of tooth jewelry designed meticulously with rhinestones. This tooth kit is perfect for dentists who want to bring a smile to their patients's faces.


  • Adopting high-quality acrylic, glittering reflection surfaces

  • Excellent tools for DIY amateurs of nail and tooth decoration

  • If put on properly, it will not fall off for a long time.

  • Well packed in a plastic box safely and will not get broken.

  • Make your teeth more beautiful, and make your smile shine more.

  • Comes in  a set of 10 gems.



Tooth Gems Varieties 


At our online shop, a wide variety of tooth gems are available, from small crystals to large, bold rhinestones. We designed tooth gems that adhere strongly to your teeth for a long time. 


What does a Joyce Jade Kit include?


We provide a tooth kit that includes easy-to-use rhinestone picker tools and adhesive glue that help you adhere gems effortlessly to teeth. This kit is completely user-friendly, whether you are at home or in the chair of a professional dentist. All the products in this tooth kit are designed to follow hygienic standards, so you can confidently brush your teeth without worrying about damage. 


Explore our exclusive collection today. We are offering a full kit with low prices and free shipping, plus a digital download option. Don't wait to start creating your masterpiece right away. our high-quality gems that are most popular among dental professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Shop today and don't miss unique ideas and the best offers. 

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Tooth Gems Rhinestone

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