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Explore Joyce Jade premium tooth gems adhesive, meticulously designed to adhere gems to teeth strongly and permanently. Our dental glue adds a touch of glamour and enhances your uniqueness. 

At our shop in the School of Glamology, we prepare high-quality tooth gem adhesive from premium material that meets professional and dental standards. This high-quality dental glue ensures a perfect and long-lasting bond that boosts your confidence when you smile.

We offer tooth gem glue with proper written instructions, so your adhesive process will go smoothly at home or in a dental clinic. With our DIY process, you experienced a wonderful smile at a low price. 

Here is what makes us top in our industry.


DIY-friendly tooth gem adhesive 


To use our tooth gem adhesive, you don't need an experienced or professional dentist. Our dental glue package comes with an installation guide and proper instructions on how to access our teeth gems course, plus a digital download of our course outline option. This comprehensive package helps you with the entire process, from choosing the perfect gem adhesive to its application. 


Boost your creativity. 


We have a variety of old and new collections of tooth glues. Visit our collections and find the perfect glue that suits you, or even download digital tooth adhesive designs and tooth gem designs to create the perfect look. 


Complete Application Guide


We know you might have a lot of questions related to the material and its application process. Reading proper product descriptions, we have added plenty of information, including tooth jewelry application, selection of gem adhesive, application of adhesives, aftercare, and potential allergic reactions. We have a FAQ section and friendly customer service to address any concerns.


Trusted Seller


Joyce Jade is proud to be recognized as one of the top brands by the American Dentist Society for selling high-quality dental products. Join our millions of happy customers who put their trust in The Gem Trap, an established Etsy seller with a stellar reputation. 


Our complete package includes


  • High-quality tooth gem glue

  • Stunning gemstones (your choice of design and size)

  • Professional-grade light-cure tool

  • Installation kit with all necessary application tools

  • A digital download guide with step-by-step instructions




  • A tooth gem waiver is required before purchase. We suggest the risks and recommend consultation with a professional dentist before application.

  • Tooth gem adhesive procedures are considered to be similar technologies emerging trends. It's safe for healthy teeth, but it's not permanent; it may require removal. 


We suggest our customers check our similar technology policy for tooth adhesive application and proper care.

Tooth gems adhesive

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