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Explore the reason for a magical smile in our new collection of tooth gems.  Swarovski tooth crystals are world-renowned for their unmatched beauty and safety for teeth. Designed meticulously for easy and quick dental applications. 
Our dome-shaped crystals with flat backs are easy to adhere to teeth. Our crystal design completely ensures its longevity and durable adherence. You can wear these crystals confidently and add a sparkle of glamour and brilliance to your look and smile. 
Check out our wide range of crystals designed and colored and groom your look in no time. Choose a design and color that perfectly match your personality and take your beauty and smile to the next level. 
Products Details

Color: white, sky blue, dark blue
Shape: dome-shaped with a flat back
Kit of 10 brilliant crystals
Size: 2.10 mm
Each crystal is packed in a mirror cube.
Each crystal is coated with a thin platinum foil layer to enhance its shine.
Nickel- and lead-free crystals ensure safety and security.
These crystals required minimal care. 
Tooth Gems Application Guide
In terms of dental hygiene and tooth jewelry, Swarovski® crystals are safe.
Tooth gem longevity is contingent upon salivary acidity, the post-treatment regimen, and the technique and substance employed during placement. It may remain for a month or more than a year.
It's best to acquire help from a tooth gem technician or your dentist in order to obtain Swarovski® tooth jewels. For a precise fit, these experts will employ high-quality, secure products.


In addition to Swarovski tooth Crystals you can also explore Tooth Gems Rhinestone inorder to personalize your style.

Swarovski tooth Crystals

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