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Are you looking for straight tweezers that deliver accuracy and proper control during the lash application process? Then, no worry! Joyce Jade straight-lash tweezers allow an effortless crafting experience. This tweezer is meticulously designed to pick up and isolate lashes or even individual hair from the whole curl. Enjoy durable and long-lasting use without compromising on performance or quality.


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Product Highlight

Color: Hunter green

Made up of stainless steel

Long, fine tips provide superior grabbing for meticulous tasks.

Strong steel handles covered with delicate rubber ensure comfortable grabbing.


Advantages of a Straight Tweezer


High Quality: A straight tweezer is crafted with high-quality stainless steel to ensure accuracy in the process.

Comfortable Design: Ergonomic design enhances comfort and reduces hand fatigue during the lash application process. 

Versatile tool: This multi-function tweezer is not only used for beautician purposes but also for jewelry cutting and many other purposes.

Premium Result: Achieve premium results and precise perfection from your own comfort. 

User-Friendly: It's light in weight, easy to carry, comfortable, and easy to use.

Explore our premium straight tweezer for precise tasks. Don't let imprecision hold you back; grab our Professional Straight Tweezer today and unlock a new world of precision and efficiency.


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Joyce Jade, Hunter Green Straight Tweezer Set

$24.99 Regular Price
$16.24Sale Price
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