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Our premium lash wands feature fine brushes that brush the eyelash extensions from tip to root during eyelash adjustment and the application procedure. Joyce Jade lash wands, crafted with high-quality material, are an extra stunning addition to your makeup kit and give you a salon experience at home. We provide packs of 10 special lash wands at a suitable price. There are also separate containers for each wand. Our customers love these magical brushes that provide them with a five-star experience.


Special Features:


  • Colors: Light Pink, Dark Pink, Black 

  • Ingredients plastic synthetic fibre

  • Hard high quality handle & soft hair brushes

  • 10 different colors lash wands per pack

  • Reusable and can be washed repeadly

  • Easily bendable 


Explore our Pink Lash wands

Experience difference for yourself buy in 19$ easy and quick delivery.

Joyce Jade Specialty Lash Wands

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