Joyce Jade lash wands are high in quality and are vey unique. These pair of wands give you a salon experience at home. The smooth and perfect brushes makes the styling of your lashes and eyebrows very convenient. These wands will take your styling experience to a whole new level. We provide pack of 10 special lash wands in a suitable price. There are also separate containers for each wand. There are variety of colors like pin and black. These wands are used for straightening and brushing of lashes. The can be used after and before the application of mascara. These lashes wands add some gorgeous touch to you eye makeup experience. The material of these wands is hard to break. These magical wands will make your makeup experience extraordinary. Selecting a perfect mascara wand is very difficult but Joyce jade made it easier for you by providing 10 different wands in one pack. Our customers love these magical brushes and we are receiving perfect reviews.

Joyce Jade Specialty Lash Wands

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