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Joyce Jade Lash wand brushes help to straighten the lashes, add volume, and brush the dust from your lashes. Our versatile lash wands add dramatic flair that gives your eyebrows the ideal groom and style without the application of mascara. Joyce Jade lash wands are a perfect addition to your cosmetics collection. These wands are light in weight, can easily be carried anywhere, and can be used anytime. Experience the difference by glamming up your eyes with our exquisite pink lash wands. 


  • Joyce Jade lash  Wands come in packs of 50

  • Choose Hot pink and light pink color 

  • Screw flexible and glitter soft tips to brush your lashes smoothly.

  • Apply when you are using extensions to remove the dust and extend the lashes. 

  • Easy to Use and light in weight.


Shop the fine bristles lash wands  available in packs of 50 of pink color. If you are looking for more luxury wide range lash wands then explore our Joyce Jade Specialty Lash Wands or Joyce Jade Glitter Lash Wands for sculpted look.

Joyce Jade 50 Pink Lash wands

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