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Joyce Jade Foam cleanser for eyelashes extensions is a perfect product you have been looking for. This product is 100% oil free. This product helps in nourishing eyelashes. This product also make the eyelash extension long lasting. Eyelash foam cleanser is very essential for your daily hygiene. Eyelashes, eye lids and false eyelashes are very prone to capture dust particles. Dead skin, sodium, sebum and makeup. This product is use to get rid of all these harmful residues. This product also includes brush to apply the cleanser thoroughly and effectively for proper cleansing and styling of extensions. This effective cleanser provides luxurious soft effect on your eyelashes. This product is formed by using natural ingredients for both natural as well as false eyelashes. This product is perfect for those women who do not like to wear false eyelashes because this product gives volume to your lashes and increase the length. Your natural lashes will look super cute after applying this product. This 60 ml bottle with a proper sealed cap and suitable brush is a life saver. This is a multifunctional product and can be used all over the eye area.

Joyce Jade Foam Eyelash Cleanser (Brush Included)

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