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Prime eyelash extension glue is formulated to elevate the unimaginable beauty of your eyes and adhere to your lashes for a long time. Its application process is seamless and very easy to use for a long-lasting hold. Our glue remains unaffected by water or oil, keeping lashes attached for an extended period. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly reapplying lashes; try our trusted eyelash extension glue and get stunning results.




Long-lasting Hold: Joyce Jade Eyelash Extension Glue is crafted with strong adhesive agents that enhance the durability of lashes and keep them in place for longer durations.


Fast Drying Formula: Our eyelash glue adheres to the eyelashes quickly and effortlessly. It is formulated for rapid application without waiting a long time. Say goodbye to time-consuming glues and hello to instant perfection.


Ultra Strong Packing: Our eyelash extension glue is strongly packed to preserve its freshness and allow it to be effective for a long duration. 


Flexible Application: Our eyelash extension glue has flexible longevity whether you're a professional artist or a practitioner you'll love its user-friendly application process and revel in the seamless, long-lasting results.  


High Quality: Joyce Jade Eyelash Extension Glue is preferred by professional artists for its unparalleled quality and unwavering performance; it's the ultimate choice for flawless lashes. 


Explore our  Eyelash Cleanser or Gel Remover

Transform your look with our premium eyelash extension glue. Experience the difference now and get long-lasting, reliable results.

Joyce Jade Eyelash Extension Glue, Primer and Gel Remover Set

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