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School of Glamology is an online dental jewellery shop where you will find everything from tooth accessories to oral care technology. Our tooth glue is meticulously designed to revolutionise your smile and ensure optimal oral hygiene.

Our dental glue rings are easy, safe, and professional alternatives, unlike risky DIY methods and other expensive dentists. Our teeth include:

  • Premium-quality silicone rings 

  • Available in different sizes that fit every type of tooth

  • Advanced dental glue for a durable bond

  • Swarovski crystals to add a glamorous touch

  • 100 rings in one kit


Here is why our tooth rings are the best choice.


  • These silicon tooth rings are easy to apply at home. You don't have to visit a professional dentist for a flawless application in just a few minutes.

  • Premium formula is safe and secure for you if you prioritize your oral hygiene but must consult a professional dentist.

  • Give you a durable smile for a long time. 

  • Enjoy a beautiful smile with the low price of professional tooth gems.


Don't know how to use these tooth glue rings? Download our step-by-step tooth gem application guide. A guide outline is available on site, but if you want to purchase a full course and detailed process, then purchase our digital plan.

If you are looking for inspirational tooth gems or tooth jewellery, then visit our site, but before purchasing, read our detailed instructions or buying guidelines. We offer premium-quality dental tooth rings at a very low cost, unlike some big brands on Etsy and Amazon. 

If you are worried about similar technologies like super adhesive glue, tooth needles, and teeth jewellery, Our kit covers gentle application with dental-grade materials.  

If you want to know further we are happy to help you. You can contact us on social media for queries or visit our website about tooth gem selection, application process and similar technologies.  

So what are You waiting for? order your tooth glue ring kit today and discover your happiness.  


In addition of glue ring explore our premium product Cheek Retractors to made your dental procedure easy and safe. 

100 Glue Rings

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