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Check reactors are dental instruments that hold your lips and cheeks back during various dental procedures. At our online and physical shop at the School of Glamology, we offer a wide range of lip reactors, from simple lip reactors to more elaborate umbrella reactors, depending on the need for the procedure. 


Products Highlights


Glass reactors made with glass 

White transparent colour

One-piece design

Retract from the 2nd molar to another 2nd molar.

Easy placement

Comfortable for the patient

Availability 10 small, 5 medium, and 5 large


Benefits of Cheek Retractors:


  • By stretching the cheeks and lips easily, cheek reactors minimise discomfort and provide a pleasant experience.

  • Our cheek reactors enhanced visibility. 

  • Gives clear access to the dentist to perform dental procedures precisely.

  • Increased work efficiency for dental professionals.


Advanced Features Cheek Retractors:


  • Our cheek reactors are meticulously designed to maintain patient discomfort.

  • Disposable plastic reactors are usable for one time only, but after metal sterilisation, you can reuse them.

  • These cheek reactors are available in a wide range of sizes that comfortably fit within the patient's mouth without causing any harm.


Our popular Cheek Reactors include:


  • Umbrella cheek retractors

  • Lip retractors

  • Soft tissue retractors


We provide proper guidance and resources for dental practices.

  • We provide instructions and clear communication for patients and professionals to use these reactors properly.

  • How to sterilise equipment properly to disinfect it for reuse. 


Buy our premium cheek reactors and experience a clear difference in your dental procedure today. If you have any questions related to the reactor and its uses, contact us via email or post your queries on our social media platform.


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Cheek Retractors 20 Pieces

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