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Why Are Lash Fills Needed?

Updated: Apr 27

Let me give you a quick lesson on the hair growth cycle. ➡️ANAGEN is the first part of the cycle in which the cells devide to create a hair. ➡️CATAGEN stage is a transition phase which lasts about 2 weeks. During this stage, the hair stops growing and detaches itself from the blood supply. ➡️TELOGEN is the resting phase where the hair sits looking beautiful while new hair starts to grow underneath it. Last of all the ➡️EXOGEN which is SHEDDING phase! This is the phase that all queen's hate 😩. This is where we lose up 1-5 lashes a day but depending on the season it can be more. This phase is also why its so important to keep up to date with your 2-2.5 weekly lash fills which means 💸RESIDUAL INCOME FOR LASH ARTISTS! 💸Learn about this and more in our Eyelash Extension Certification!

How to perfom Classic Eyelash Extensions procedure


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