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Our Teeth Whitening Certification Is Here!

Updated: 1 day ago

When looking for training in professional teeth whitening look no further than the School of #Glamology. We provide a safe, fun and professional learning environment for our students.  We focus on not only producing results but also how to market your skills & drive traffic through your doors.  The success of our students is our success!

The syllabus covers theory, consultation, post & pre-treatment plan, legality & insurance guidance. After which, our team is available to offer you support if you ever have any queries on the treatment or customers later on. 

Teeth Whitening Training Syllabus $1,399 1 Day Class.

How to determine teeth type & shades, how it works, technology Health & safety of teeth whitening Consultation/Medical information Treatment plan and techniques Who can be treated? Hands-on practical Sales and marketing Pre-treatment communications Key points during the treatment, Key points to observe after the treatment Contradictions


Basic Package 1 Teeth Whitening Light 3 Syringes of Whitening Gel (Professional Grade) 

10 Mouth Guards 2 Pairs of Protective Goggles 1 Dental Bib Holder

10 Dental Bibs

1 Professional Teeth Shade Guide

1 Training Packet with Waiver & After Care Instructions 1 Training Certificate (upon passing our exam)

More Items will be available for purchase but this kit will make it possible for you to do a minimum of 10 customers.

Click Here to Book Now in Atlanta or call 6199284526

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1 Comment

Allen Nixon
Allen Nixon
Aug 23, 2021

Thanks for sharinng

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