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10k A Month, Say What?

Updated: Apr 27

how to earn money
how to earn money

Have you heard all the rave on the new way to jump head first into the beauty industry and be on your way to earning 6 figures a year. Microblading & eyelash extensions allows you to get into the beauty industry and make a KILLING with no long term training and a minimum investment. Forget the student loans and trying to figure out how to work a job around your school schedule because in as little as 2 days, you can have all the tools you need to change your life for GOOD and easily earn 10k a month!

The School of Glamology provides an intimate premiere training experience. We believe in performing damage free applications in a sanitary environment. Some training programs abandon you after training, leaving you to troubleshoot and advance on your own. The School of Glamology will be here to support you for up to one year after your initial training. We also offer one free refresher course within the years time. Learning this technique will bring additional monthly income of 10k+ to your business. We will ensure that you are properly trained to provide excellent service to your clients.

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