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"Empowering the Next Generation of Beauty Professionals"

The School of Glamology in Marietta, GA, is your destination for excellence in beauty education, offering a broad array of certification courses, an in-depth esthetics program, and cutting-edge live online training. We are dedicated to empowering future beauty professionals with essential skills and knowledge, complemented by practical experience through our student spa. Our comprehensive approach prepares students for successful careers in the beauty industry, teaching them advanced body sculpting techniques, esthetic treatments, and more. In addition to our educational services, we provide top-quality beauty products and extend our offerings across the USA, ensuring widespread access to our exceptional beauty training and products.


Esthetics Program

Become a licensed esthetician in a few months by joining our comprehensive esthetics program in Marietta, Ga. We offer hybrid learning and flexible payment plans.

Student Spa

Experience unparalleled spa services by our Esthetics Students at our Student Spa in Marietta, GA, 

allowing them to earn service credits.

Body Sculpting Course

Body sculpting employs cutting-edge technology to safely eliminate fat cells, shaping and toning the body without surgical intervention. These courses are offered across the USA.

Eyebrow Training Courses

Our eyebrow training course allows you to become one of the experts! Get a chance to learn from an industry leader and forerunner, The School of Glamology

Certification Courses

Elevate your expertise with our Certification Courses in Marietta, GA, offering in-depth training in the latest beauty industry techniques and trends.

Online Certification

Embrace flexibility and innovation with our Live Online Certification Courses, delivering our esteemed beauty education right to your doorstep, anywhere you are.


Here at the School of Glamology, we stand at the forefront of beauty education in the heart of Marietta, GA. Our mission is not only to provide top-tier educational experiences in beauty and aesthetics but also to imbue our students with robust entrepreneurial skills, empowering them to become leaders and innovators in the industry.


At the heart of our ethos are innovation, integrity, entrepreneurship, and inclusivity. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where students are encouraged to think creatively, develop business acumen, and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that is vital in today’s competitive beauty industry. With a commitment to integrity, we ensure our teachings and interactions are conducted with the utmost honesty and respect for all individuals. Inclusivity is key, as we welcome students from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and ideas, enriching the learning experience for all.



Why Choose Us?

Experienced Licensed Instructors: Benefit from the wisdom and guidance of our seasoned, licensed professionals, ensuring you receive top-tier education grounded in practical expertise.

Comprehensive Entrepreneurial-Focused Programs: Our courses are specifically structured for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing not just technical skills but also essential business and marketing acumen to thrive in the beauty industry.

Licensed Institution with Valid Certification: Gain peace of mind and professional recognition with certifications from our fully licensed institution, opening doors to numerous opportunities in the beauty sector.

• Inclusive Starter Kits: Each course includes a comprehensive kit with high-quality products and tools, meticulously selected to enhance your learning and future professional practice.

Hands-On Practice: Immerse yourself in extensive hands-on training, ensuring you graduate not just with knowledge but with the confidence and practical skills to excel in real-world scenarios.

Marketing Savvy: Learn the ins and outs of effective marketing strategies tailored for the beauty industry, empowering you to build a strong client base and distinguish your brand in the market.

Post-Course Support: Our commitment to your success is ongoing; benefit from our post-course support, offering career guidance, additional learning resources, and assistance to navigate your entrepreneurial journey in beauty.

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Chasity Grant

If you are looking for extra training to build your business or a great career path in general this is definitely the place to go! I was so excited to go to one location that offers so much training! I took the classic lash class and loved how thorough my instructor was. Definitely will be back for more training in the future.

Shaniece Andrea

My instructor Joyce was very thorough in my eyebrow threading and tint training, taking the time to make sure I grasped the concepts and skills I needed to learn, no matter how many times it took lol. Very hands on and details oriented.

Cyn Durden

I missed my class due to childcare issues and was allowed to do the online everything eyelash training instead. I was grateful that they were able to accommodate me because being a single mother isn't easy and of course the ladies there understood that. My teacher was patient , made sure I understood everything as we went through each technique. Most importantly I did not feel rushed. I'm waiting for my certificate to come in the mail but I'm excited for this new journey. 

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