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Step into the glittering world of dental fashion with the School of Glamology’s Tooth Gem Class! This innovative course is designed for individuals eager to master the art of tooth gem application, a trending beauty enhancement that adds sparkle and personality to one’s smile. Whether you are a seasoned beauty professional looking to expand your service offerings or a newcomer with a passion for the latest in cosmetic trends, this course is your gateway to a sparkling new skillset.


What You Will Learn:


    •    Introduction to Tooth Gems: Learn the history and types of gems used in dental decoration.
    •    Safety and Sanitation: Understand the critical importance of maintaining hygienic practices and ensuring client safety.
    •    Application Techniques: Master precise gem placement, adhesion techniques, and aftercare to ensure lasting results.
    •    Design Selection: Discover how to choose the right gems and designs based on client preferences and tooth anatomy.
    •    Business Skills: Gain insights into setting up your own tooth gem service, including marketing strategies, client consultations, and pricing.

Why Choose the School of Glamology?

    •    Comprehensive Starter Kit: Receive a professional tooth gem kit complete with everything needed to start practicing immediately.
    •    Detailed Manual and Waivers: Get equipped with a detailed training manual and waivers to ensure informed consent and understanding.
    •    Certified Instructors: Learn from experienced and certified professionals who are passionate about teaching and advancing your career.
    •    Hands-On Practice: Benefit from extensive hands-on practice to perfect your technique confidently.
    •    Certification: Earn a recognized certificate upon completion, validating your skills as a professional tooth gem technician.
    •    Post-Course Support: Join our community with ongoing support and advice from peers and mentors in the industry.


Who Should Enroll?

This course is perfect for anyone interested in beauty and fashion, dental assistants looking to offer additional services, or entrepreneurs wanting to tap into a niche market. If you are creative, enjoy working closely with people, and want to provide a service that brings joy and confidence, our Tooth Gem Class is for you!


Sign Up Today!

Sparkle brighter in your career with our Tooth Gem Certification. Limited spots available—enroll now to secure your place in the School of Glamology and start creating smiles that truly shine!

Embrace the opportunity to enhance beauty in an exciting and unique way. Join us, and let’s put some sparkle into your professional journey!


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Tooth Gem Certification

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