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Unleash the power of voluminous lashes with the School of Glamology’s Russian Volume Lash Class! This specialized course is meticulously crafted for those looking to elevate their lash extension skills and delve into the intricate world of Russian Volume techniques. Ideal for both aspiring lash artists and seasoned professionals, this course will empower you to dramatically enhance your clients’ eyes with lush, thick lash extensions that still maintain a natural, flawless appearance.

What You Will Learn:

    •    Technique Fundamentals: Understand the unique aspects of Russian Volume versus other lash extension methods.
    •    Advanced Application Techniques: Learn to safely and effectively apply multiple extensions to a single natural lash, creating volume that is both dramatic and durable.
    •    Lash Mapping and Styling: Master the art of customizing lash designs to flatter different eye shapes and facial features.
    •    Adhesive Mastery: Gain expertise in adhesive selection and application to maximize longevity and maintain lash health.
    •    Business and Marketing Skills: Develop the business acumen needed to market your services, manage client expectations, and grow your clientele.

Why Choose the School of Glamology?

    •    Comprehensive Starter Kit: Equip yourself with high-quality Russian Volume lashes, precision tools, and hypoallergenic adhesives.
    •    Detailed Manual and Waivers: Receive a comprehensive training manual and waivers to ensure professional standards and client safety.
    •    Certified Instructors: Benefit from the guidance of experienced, certified lash artists who are experts in Russian Volume techniques.
    •    Hands-On Practice: Engage in extensive hands-on sessions to hone your skills and build confidence in your application techniques.
    •    Certification: Obtain a recognized certificate that endorses your expertise in Russian Volume Lashes.
    •    Post-Course Support: Enjoy ongoing support and mentorship, including access to exclusive alumni networks and advanced courses.

Who Should Enroll?
This course is designed for individuals passionate about beauty and cosmetic services, including existing lash technicians who wish to specialize further, beauticians looking to expand their service offerings, and newcomers eager to start a career in this lucrative field. If you are detail-oriented, enjoy artistic expression, and are committed to providing top-tier beauty solutions, our Russian Volume Lash Class is your perfect match!

Sign Up Today!
Elevate your lash game to luxurious heights with our Russian Volume Lash Certification. Spots are limited—enroll now to secure your place in the School of Glamology and start transforming looks with your newfound skills!

Step into a world where beauty and sophistication meet. Join us, and let’s craft breathtaking beauty together! 

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Russian Volume Lash Certification

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