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Brighten your smile with LED Teeth Whitening Lamp, the best professional teeth whitening lamp to perform teeth whitening procedures in a short time. Our  professional teeth whitening LED light utilize the LED light technology to make dental procedures easy and quick.  

Teeth Whitening Lamp use whitening gel that contains active ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. This LED Light system is  Developed by dental experts like Dr. Veytsman and Tamara is perfect for people with sensitive teeth.


Benefits of our LED Teeth Whitening Lamp:



  • Imported lamp beads--It has a long service live and canquickly achieve the whitening effect.
  • LCD Screen--The operation panel is equipped with a liquid crystal display screen.
  • Key Operation Panel--The operation panel adopts physical key design, and each function key is easy to operate.
  • Delivers Professional-Grade Results in just minutes a day.
  • Our system is the perfect choice for those who have tooth sensitivity towards hard whitening products.
  • Our LED teeth whitening lamp is comfortable to use at home.
  • Deliver Faster resultsMore even whiteningLess tooth sensitivity.
  • Our system also offer whitening strips or toothpaste.
  • Offer Multiple treatment options

Teeth whitening type:

1. Exogenous pigment (soak,coffee,cola,etc.)
2. Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracycline tooth, etc.)
3. Fluorinated teeth.
4. Congenital inhomogeneous color and lustre.



 Delivery Services


We offer whitening gel, whitening strips, foam applicators, and gel pens. Customizable option is also available you can customise whitening kit that fit your need and requirment.


We offer standard and special deliveryStandard delivery:


We offer low delivery charges for orders in the United states, china and russia. special delivery: We have a free delivery option for our regular customers.
5. Black and yellow change of the tooth surface.


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