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Our lash disposable kit is a complete set of flawless lash applications in a short time. The Joyce Jade disposable kit is designed to be used anywhere at any time without any effort. Our premium disposable kit includes 10 gel pads, 10 lash wands, 10 microfiber tips, 10 glue rings, and 1 roll of micropore tape, available individually or in packs of 10.


Products: Important Highlights


  • Microfiber brushes are made up of a hard plastic handle and a soft fiber tip.

  • Ideal gel pad for eyelashes

  • Stylish disposable lash wands

  • Quantity of items in 1 pack: 10 of each product 

  • A single quantity is also available, depending on the need




  • The lash disposable kit includes pre-glued lashes that save time in the adhesive application process. 

  • Long-lasting wear

  • Easy to use and cost-effective

  • All items are light-weight and easily carried.


Don't waste your time with the long lash application process. Buy an easy-to-use lash disposable kit to save time. Avoid using reusable items, and save yourself and your clients from the risk of contamination. Glamourize your eyes with a single, cost-effective kit. 

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Joyce Jade Lash Disposable Kit

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