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Our premium practice lashes are ideal for beginners who are in their learning phase. Designed perfectly to mimic real lashes, it is difficult to recognize the difference between real lashes and artificial lashes. Practice lashes are a great source for honing your skills and mastering various application techniques. These pure black lashes have 0.15 mm in thickness and 10mm in length.


Highlighted Features


0.15 mm thickness 

10 mm in length 

classic natural curl 

pure black color 

Variety of styles

Easy to use for every type of skill

High-quality, durable lashes you can reuse multiple times


Take your lash skills to the next level with our practice lashes. Perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike, these versatile training tools are sure to elevate your beauty game. Get yours today and unleash your inner lash artist.


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Joyce Jade Practice Lashes

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