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Joyce Jade luxurious C curl lashes are designed with premium-quality delicate mink to ensure perfection and also harmoniously blend with natural eyelashes. C curl grabs attention and creates a compelling look when you open your eyes. Our mixed-length C curl eyelash extensions are a complete package for artists and eyelash professionals who really enjoy working with C-curl. 


Product Highlights 


Color: Black

Mixed Length: 8–15 mm

Available Curls: C Curl, D Curl

Each tray contains 12 rows of C-curl lashes and D-curl lashes.

Thickness: 0.07mm

C Curl is waterproof and remains unaffected by daily rigors.


Explore our Extended Length, Mixed, 15-20mm, C Curl Eyelash Extension

Diversify your style for special days with our unique C curl lashes. Enjoy long, voluminous eyelashes for only $14.99.

Joyce Jade Mixed, Volume, 8-15mm, C Curl Eyelash Extension

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