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Joyce Jade innovative lash air blower speeds up the lash extensions glue drying. It's designed precisely to prevent lashes from sticking together. This secret weapon flawlessly dries the glue and other adhesives and also diminishes the extra fumes around lashes.


Key Features:


The size is 3.74 x 1.65 inches.

Available in pairs with the same price

The colours are black and pink.

Made from high-quality synthetic rubber

Our lash air blower delivers gentle and fast air to dry quickly and ensure it stays in place for a long time.

Our compact and lightweight air blower allows steam to flow smoothly to maintain lashes.




Our lash air blower maintains the eyelash extensions long-lasting hold.

Easy to use without waiting for a long time to dry the lashes

Achieve flawless results at home without going through a long lash drying process.

Save the lashes from damaging and affecting the eyes.

A perfect choice for artists


Buy a lash air blower pair for just $10 to achieve flawless and long-lasting results. Transform your lash journey with Joyce Jade.


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Joyce Jade Manual Lash Blower in Pink or Black

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