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The four sets of Joyce Jade holographic lash tweezers are perfect tools for flawless lash application. These precise tweezers are a perfect addition to your makeup kit. These tweezers are made of stainless steel that cannot easily break or mold. Try this top tweezer set to simplify the application of your lashes and make your holographic lash tweezers ideal for both special events and everyday use. Our lash tweezers are available in different sizes and curves that best fit your needs. 


Additional Details 


  • 4 sets of lash tweezers (each set contains 1 slightly curved tweezer and 1 fully curved tweezer).

  • Color: Plasma Purple, Greenish Blue, Stainless Steel

  • A fine tip for isolating individual lashes

  • Easy to grip to ensure stability


Beyond Perfection:


Our lash tweezers not only perfectly adjust the lashes but are committed to giving effortless beauty to your eyes. Glamorize your eyelashes with Joyce Jade magical tweezers and empower your experience.


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Joyce Jade, Holographic Lash Tweezers Set

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