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This set consists of

  • Joyce Jade eyelash gel remover

  • Joyce jade eyelash glue primer

Removing false lashes can be very tricky sometimes. But don’t worry because our Joyce Jade eyelash remover can make it a lot easier. The special formula used in this product reacts with eyelash glue or gel and results in breakdown of adhesive bonds. This makes the removing of fake eyelashes much easier without damaging your natural lashes. This product can also be used to clean the tools or accessories being glued while wearing false lashes. Natural ingredients present in the gel remover soften your eyelashes and make them thicker. Wait 5 minutes after applying it and then remove the eyelashes.

Gel primer are essential for making you eyelashes look dramatically beautiful. It is applied before applying mascara and fake eyelashes. The formula used in this product helps in smoothing the eyelashes and making them bigger and thicker. This makes your eyelashes look amazing! The primer provides your lashes some weight and help mascara to adhere properly and spread thoroughly. The Vitamin E formula gives conditioning effect to your lashes. This product gives volume to your lashes and this product is absolutely clumps free.

Precautions: Sit or stand in suitable place in front of the mirror while applying these products. This will avoid the product running into your eyes.

Joyce Jade Gel Remover and Primer Set

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