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The Vitamin E Swab gives you comfort and a smile that you will find nowhere else. Joyce Jade offers premium vitamin E oil that can be used during teeth-whitening sessions and takes care of your lips every day. 


Benefits of Vitamin E Swabs


  • Our Vitamin E swabs act as a protective barrier against irritation during teeth-whitening treatment.

  • Vitamin E oil in swabs keeps your lips smooth and hydrated all day long. 

  • These vitamin E swabs are very user-friendly. Just pick up one swab at the red line (MSU VDL technology) and hold it for a second until the whole vitamin E oil comes to the surface, and then apply it to the lips and gums wherever you need to apply it.

  • We make sure that the cotton swabs you are using are hygienic and free of contamination.

  • The soft cotton tip applicator is comfortable and easy to use.

  • Deeply moisturises and protects dry lips overnight while you sleep.

  • Convenient, sanitary, and disposable

  • Individually wrapped and packaged for sterility and peace of mind


Vitamin E Swabs are perfect for:


  • You can perform your teeth-whitening process comfortably at home.

  • These swabs prevent your lips from drying and your skin from peeling.

  • Travel comfortably and enjoy a healthy smile. 


Are you looking for hygienic vitamin E swabs? Then look no further and purchase them online from our store, but before using vitamin E swabs, you must consult your dentist.


Check out our Tooth Shade Chart to get proper guide during dental procedures.

Gingival Barrier Vitamin E Swabs Qty 100

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