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What is Airbrush Makeup?

Updated: Apr 27

Celebrities always seem to have the most amazing skin. How do they do it?

They have access to the Hollywood makeup artist’s secret weapon: Airbrush Makeup.

If you've never heard of airbrush makeup, it uses compressed air to deliver makeup with a soft-focus, even finish unlike any other makeup. It is so effective at creating the appearance of perfect skin, that it is the only choice for anyone on HD film or TV.

Airbrush Makeup
Airbrush Makeup

Learn why Airbrush Makeup is regarded as one of the best choices you can make!


We caught up with the top beauty experts and this is what they love so much about airbrush makeup.

1. Hello, Never-ending Skin Perfection.

Like many women, my days are long and my nights are short. No matter how many long-wear sprays I spritz across my face my makeup virtually disappears after lunch.

However, with airbrush makeup, I can go from my deskside meetings straight to happy hour and look just as flawless as when I left the house. Literally, unheard of.

2. This is the Fastest Way to Flawless.

Instead of a tedious 30 minutes in the morning, my full airbrush makeup application is a mere 5 minutes, max—with the same absolutely flawless results. Now I have more time to grab a latte before I head into work (aka "win win").

Pop Sugar agrees: "I love how easy it is to use and the way my skin looks after the two-minute application…you'll adore it, too."

Healthy-looking Skin
Healthy-looking Skin

3. Healthy-looking Skin.

Not to brag but since I've joined the airbrush makeup wagon I've been getting non-stop compliments; not on my makeup, but on my skin.

"Your skin is glowing" trumps "your makeup looks great, what foundation are you wearing?" any day.

4. Not Caked in Makeup.

Speaking of skin, it's been tried and true: There is simply no makeup lighter than airbrush. I have never felt caked in makeup when I wear airbrush makeup.

Who wants to look fake when you can look flawless?

Seventeen says it best, "Facetune's got nothing on this cordless handheld gadget."

5. Less is More.

Apparently, the air is proven to use LESS makeup, yet leave you looking MORE perfected. I'm sold! Plus it zaps my zits away. My friends and I call it the "magic eraser".

StyleCaster confessed, "I noticed … nothing. No sensation that I was wearing base makeup—just a cool stream of air that felt calming and refreshing. And most shockingly, I saw no trace of makeup. My skin looked like me, but on a really good day"

6. No More Blending.

I never figured out how to use my sponge correctly anyway – now I don't need it! The airbrush makeup does it for me!

Refinery 29 had a similar experience: "The fine mist covered my acne and acne scars… and the microfine bronzer was the best fake summer glow I've ever had — sans lines and streaks. Now, when I say my base makeup is airbrushed, I actually mean it."

7. One Device. So Many Looks!

I love that I can seamlessly go from girl next door at brunch to Kim K for date night.

8. Bye-Bye Dirty Brushes.

With airbrush makeup -- nothing touches your face or the formula. Admit it, who really cleans their brushes anyway?

Byrdie thinks the Airbrush is glorious, "... the airbrush application means you're not spreading breakout-causing dirt and bacteria onto your skin with brushes or sponges (and let's be honest, when was the last time you really cleaned those?)"

9. Airbrush Anywhere, Literally.

Previous airbrush makeup devices weighed a ton with complicated cords and makeup poured into a cup. TEMPTU changed the scene introducing the TEMPTU Air—the first-ever cordless airbrush makeup that weighs less than a pound. That means I can literally airbrush my face any - and everywhere I please.

Allure Magazine says "It's super lightweight..and can easily fit into your beauty travel case."

makeup look
makeup look

10. Doing my makeup has never been so much fun!

As Teen Vogue says, "whip it out and wait for the “oohs” and “ahs” to roll in."

Check out our Airbrush Makeup Course elevate your makeup skills to a whole new level of artistry and professionalism.

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