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The Importance Of Building Relationships In The Beauty Industry

Updated: Apr 27

The beauty industry comprises of sales of perfumes, cosmetics, skin and hair care products. The service sector of the beauty industry includes salons, spas, health clubs, and cosmetic surgery. Over 159 billion US dollars is the estimated amount of worldwide sales of health-related products and services and research has shown that sales to women account for a huge majority of the sum. Therefore, the beauty industry is a booming and large industry and is expected to remain so perpetually. This is due to the increase in the popularity of cosmetics which occurred in the 20th century and this popularity has not dwindled in any way.

Building good relationships is very important as it can make or break one's business. The three most important relationships needed are;

• Client relationships: This is undoubtedly the most important relationship to be formed. Clients are the ones who pay you but first, they need to be sure you can solve their issues. Proven tips to improve client relationships include treating clients professionally and giving them the absolute best service, active listening, being honest and realistic about every service and product used and being cognizant of body language and their meanings. Strong relationships with customers have a ripple effect. Creating a lasting impression on one customer would ensure referrals and multiple visits. Repeat customers are also the most profitable as they spend more money and give more tips. They are also more likely to take an action you want them to e.g. fill a survey, make recommendations on products, give honest feedback on services, donate to a recommended charity, etc. A strong relationship can even be formed outside the workplace, though this is not always necessary or advisable.

• Employee relationships: Employees are the thin thread between improved customer relations and dissatisfied customers. Employees are usually very essential when expansion occurs because clients would increase and more services would be rendered. Employees need to believe in the job they are doing and work not just for their income but also because of personal satisfaction. This would motivate them to give the best service to the customers always. Employees who feel strongly attached to their work are less likely to look for another job and there is a higher customer retention rate associated with that. Also, there is less cost on training new staff if an employee decides to leave due to dissatisfaction. Overall, employees that are good, hard workers and know their stuff in the beauty industry should be treated properly and a good relationship maintained with them always.

• Relationship with the community: Most of the clients and employees originate from the community where the business is situated. A pleasant relationship with the community would certainly promote business as there would be more people to vouch for your business, patronize and ensure referrals. This relationship would need to be built up slowly especially with those who are potential clients. The best places to meet and converse with other members of the community include local networking events, charity events, and even LinkedIn

Ultimately, the beauty industry is here to stay. A successful career in the beauty industry is not just about the technical know-how but also about building the needed relationships in the right way.

Importance Of Building Relationships In The Beauty Industry
Importance Of Building Relationships In The Beauty Industry

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