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Qualities That Every Budding Makeup Artist Must Have

Updated: Apr 27

As a budding makeup artist, one thing you must realize is that the beauty/fashion industry is large, and filled with so many people doing the exact same thing, some better than the others. What makes someone stand out in this industry, is the ability to do that which others are doing, and excel greatly while at it. Second thing you must understand is that makeup is not a just as skill, it is art, and requires a certain talent to it. Added to this talent are qualities that if you do not possess, you might just be relegated to the back seat for the rest of your makeup career, being that makeup artist people call when they are on a ridiculously low budget and they still need a makeup artist anyway.

Here are a few of these qualities that you as a budding makeup artist must have.


There are different calibers of people in the fashion industry, and you will meet all of them. You will meet those who have spent time watching makeup videos on Instagram and suddenly think they know exactly where the bronzer goes. However, you have to have an alarmingly high amount of patience to be able to deal with them. Else you might find yourself walking out a few clients who think they know your job better than you do, out of your studio because they have found interesting ways to irritate you.

The Learning Culture:

The act of contouring was started by one person and then propagated by others, till it went round to different makeup artists. Unless you are able to learn, you will not grow. Different makeup artists are coming up with new ideas every day, new ideas that are revolutionizing the fashion world. You do not want to be left behind. Be willing to learn new things every day and, follow other makeup artists on Instagram, watch videos on YouTube. Just look for new things to learn and new ways to improve on yourself with the knowledge that you have gained in the process of learning.


Do not allow yourself get stuck in just one style of makeup, be versatile. If there is one place where the ‘jack of all trade’ philosophy works fine, it will be the makeup industry. There is no limit to the things you can do once you put your mind to it. Break out of the shell of what you have learned before now, learn new things and gather new knowledge, then try your hands out at these new makeup styles. You would not want to turn down a job is because you do not know how to do ‘that kind of makeup’. When you could just learn and be good at more than one thing.

The fashion industry, like many other industries around the world, works with the survival of the fittest mantra. As a budding makeup artist, you have to be good at what you do, then posses the right qualities. Only then can you be able to successfully stand out.

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