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How Is SOG Handling COVID-19?

Updated: Apr 27


We would like to assure everyone that during these times of uncertainty, the safety and well-being of our customers and employees is our highest priority. At the School of Glamology, we believe it’s critical to do our part to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. We have decided to postpone all tour dates as most of our venues have been closed in many cities and states that we are hosting courses in.

Please be advised that anyone who has secured a deposit may either choose to do online training with a live instructor from the comfort of your home or you may use your deposit for the next scheduled course date. We would recommend all students take advantage of our live online training and keep in mind that even if you do the online training and want to come to our next course in your city, you may do so absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

If you decide to take advantage of the live online training, you will receive an upgraded kit and also be able to receive that one on one, hands on training from the comfort of your home. Scheduling is very flexible which will include early morning or late evening hours for when the kids are sleeping. Everything that you would do in the physical classroom, you will do via video conferencing with your assigned instructor. This is a time where lots of people are off work, so to be able to learn something new and come out of this ready to increase your income will benefit your life in many ways.

This virus has taught us all the importance of saving money and being in an industry that is recession proof and disaster proof. Many lash technicians are still working and taking special measures to protect their clients and themselves from the virus. They are still able to survive and earn money during this crisis. We will all get through this and the School of Glamology will always be here to assist with training.

If you are located near our home location in Marietta, Ga, classes will still be held but we will limit ourselves to no more than 10 people in the building at one time. Also, anyone taking a course will be offered a mask for their comfort. Through educating ourselves on the virus, a mask is only useful for those who are infected or those caring for the infected. However, we want to make sure everyone feels safe in our establishment, so a mask will be offered. Anyone entering the building for a class will be required to wash their hands or sanitize them prior to entering the learning areas.

We have always maintained a high level of sanitation practices long before the virus erupted and we will continue to do so. We ask that anyone who isn't feeling well or have tested positive for the virus, that you stay home. Whether you have paid your tuition in full or secured a deposit, you will not be penalized for being sick or simply choosing to reschedule your course. You will be allowed to do LIVE online training or reschedule your class either way.

We will continue to follow the guidelines the CDC has put in place to protect us all. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 6199284526. Please check out the many classes we offer online.

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