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Have You Tried Another Way To Practice Eyelash Extensions?

Joyce Jade Practice Mannequins are an exclusive product that can only be purchased through the School of Glamology. It’s great for educators, students or anyone looking to start a career in the eyelash industry. These mannequins are great for compact spaces and make it possible to practice your technique anywhere. Unlike traditional mannequins where you have to apply practice lashes that slip and lay flat to the face, our mannequin has the eyelashes embedded in the lid which offers a more realistic practice experience. The eyelashes are in different lengths and layered like natural eyelashes which makes this a perfect item to add to your kit. This item is not included in our training kits but a wonderful upgrade!
  • Measurements: 14x28cm

  • 3 Fleshtones to choose from

  • Realistic soft silicone

  • Can be cleaned and reused

  • Eyelids are replaceable.

  This item is great for practicing eyelash extensions and building confidence in your technique!

Order your Joyce Jade Practice Mannequin Head Today!!

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