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Eyebrow Threading vs Tweezing: Which Should You Choose?

Updated: Apr 27

Eyebrow Threading vs Tweezing: Which Should You Choose?

Nowadays new and evolving methods are being created in the beauty industry. From when tweezing was a new thing to now where we have waxing, threading, microblading and more! It’s easy to quickly get overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. But luckily it all really comes down to personal preference. We’ll take a look into two of the most common methods available; threading and tweezing. Which one should you choose? Is there even a difference? Let’s find out!

Eyebrow Threading
Eyebrow Threading


Threading, while it is seeing a huge resurgence, is actually an older technique. This requires the use of a cotton thread that loops around individual hairs and pulls them up quickly. Sort of like a lasso of sorts. This helps shape the brow and remove unwanted hair from most areas of the face. Threading is quick and under the care of a professional they can quickly and efficiently remove lines of hair helping speed up the process greatly.

Some individuals may report some pain and experience irritation and redness, but overall threading is reported to be a low pain method. The soft cotton string also doesn’t require harsh chemicals such as other hair removal methods. This can help those with sensitive skin.

This makes threading a great option when looking to shape your brow. Threading may even allow you to get very fine hairs that tweezing may miss. On the other hand, it also opens the possibility of the hair breaking at the surface instead of being pulled up by the root which could shorten the duration in between sessions. Generally, though you can expect four weeks before having to head back to your local salon. Some people even choose to tweeze their brows in between session to help maintain the shape.

eyebrow tWEEZING
eyebrow tWEEZING


At the moment tweezing is the most popular DIY brow maintenance method around. Almost every woman is guaranteed to have a special set of tweezers at home. Using tweezers involving locating individual’s hair and plucking each out by the root. This can prove tedious to some but allows very precise brow shaping and is very easy to learn.

Tweezer quality is a thing though, so ensuring you use only a high-quality tool set and good lighting to achieve the best look and results. Tweezing is reported to pack a little more of a punch in the pain department but over time your comfort will rise, and pain will decrease. This is because the hair follicle actually becomes weaker making it easier to remove. Though the initial pain is hardly anything to scare anyone away.


Threading and tweezing are both awesome DIY and professional methods of shaping and removing unwanted eyebrow hair. To sum it up nicely threading allows you to save a lot of time by targeting groups and lines of hair vs each individual strand. This can cause some hairs to break meaning in less time between sessions. Tweezing can offer just as good precision as threading but can only target individual hairs. Tweezing is the much easier option to learn especially for a beginner while threading typically you would want to take a course or training to make sure your properly learn the technique and practices.

School of Glamology teaches a variety of methods including threading and brow shaping! We have helped hundreds of students become certified in eyebrow shaping and go on their way to creating their own profitable business. Let us help you! Give us a call or use our contact forms to schedule a class today.

Learn everything about Eyebrow Threading and Eyebrow Tweezing

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