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Classic eyelash extensions are also referred to as mink lashes and is considered a semi permanent service. It's done by placing one extension on top of one natural lash until a full natural looking set is acquired. Once that extension is placed on top of the natural lash, it will not come out until the natural lash sheds. This course will teach you all there is to know about the technique to ensure you apply beautiful lashes to your customers. You can easily charge $125 per set making this technique one of the highest paying services in the makeup industry outside of microblading. This technique allows your customers to have natural looking lashes that will last 3-4 weeks before coming for a refill. Refills is where the residual income comes in because these lashes need to be maintained. A technician can make $10,000 a month doing lashes which is way more than any hourly position will pay you. Our students are quitting their jobs after taking this course and you can too!!

What sets us apart?

Small, affordable, and personalized classes

What’s in it for you?

You will be certified by master trainers who are the best in the business and highly qualified in all areas of eyelash extensions

Tuition: $499 (In Marietta, Ga ONLY) and $599 (Outside, Marietta, Ga)

Covered topics:

  • Eyelash Extension Theory

  • Demonstration and Student Hands on Instruction and Practice

  • Classic Lash Techniques, Styles and Shapes

  • Safety, Sanitation and Ergonomics

  • Product Knowledge

  • Removal and Fills

  • After-Care and Maintenance

  • Marketing and Business Building Tips

Provided in your course:

  • Training Manual

  • Client waiver and liability forms

  • After Care Instructions

  • Ongoing support from your trainer

  • Training Certificate

  • Kit that will service 10-15 customers


There is no cosmetology or esthetics license required in order to take this course.

Check out our Online Classic Eyelash Extension Certification where you can take the same course from the comfort of your home.


 Explore our Lash extensions course to offer more to your cilent than expectation.

Classic Eyelash Extension Certification

  • There are no refunds on any trainings.

School Of Glamology
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