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How to Become an Eyelash Technician in Georgia

Updated: Apr 29

How to Become an Eyelash Technician in Georgia

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an Eyelash Extension Technician? What’s holding you back! Eyelash Extensions have been around for decades and originally was first described all the way back in 1800. The methods used back then were very different to the modern solutions that we have invented today. Previous techniques included sewing fake hairs into the eyelids all in the name of beauty!

But luckily today we have made leaps and bounds in the method of applying eyelash extensions and it’s never been easier. The method used today originally started in Japan and Korea before finding mainstream success in the early 2000’s. Eyelash extensions have been steadily gaining in popularity as more icons and celebrities flock to this new trend. With the market as hot as ever it is no surprise why many people want to get in on the action and start up their new career or even business!

Every state will have varying laws and regulations in place so be sure to check in with your local state and county governing agencies. The School of Glamology is based out of Marietta, GA and we are here to give you all the update news to your way to becoming an Eyelash Extension pro.

To first start our school is full of amazing instructors ready to guide you on your journey and teach you the leading industry standards. In Georgia to be able to service clients as an Eyelash Extension Technician there is two methods. The first method is becoming a licensed esthetician. To become an esthetician, you must take multiple written, oral and online tests and procedures. After you must register with the state board and renew every two years. Price tag on this? Anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. For an individual just wanting to get into the industry this can be a huge obstacle and stop you from realizing their dreams.

Which is why we have method two. Under state law to take certification courses no licensing is needed. That is because licensing and certification are two different things. When you get licensed you spend the money and are registering with the state. It is less about the training and more about the money and paperwork involved. With certification it is from established businesses who in a sense put their stamp approval. This is beneficial to continue to hone your skills, learn advanced techniques and offer more trust to your potential clients. If you have a certification from a school in operation for a decade saying they back you up in your work, it can go a long way. With a certification under Georgia law you can work under the correct supervision in a salon without being licensed which means you get to skip all the hefty fees and get right to work making money and building up your clientele!

With this method our School can affordably certify you and help overcome the obstacle which blocks many from getting into our industry while learning more advanced skills and knowledge. Want to know something more? All of our students get access to our exclusive job board and after certification support. That means get ahead then the rest of the crowd and get in touch with salons hiring right now and start making money immediately.

The average Eyelash Extension Technician makes $50,000 a year or over $20 an hour! If you ever how to become an Eyelash Extension Technician in Georgia, then don’t look any further. Schedule a class online or nation wide and take that first step.


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