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Does Body Sculpting Really Work?

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

It’s no secret that technology has come a long way, especially over the past few years. Clients used to have to pay tens of thousands of dollars and go under the knife, with lots of down time and time off work. Now we can use machine technology through heat, sound waves, suction and lasers to give clients the sculpted bodies they desire while saving money and no downtime required. So does body sculpting really work you ask? YES!!!

Body Sculpting has quickly gone from being a hush hush service to being yelled from the roof tops preaching the many benefits! Research shows that Body Sculpting is fast-tracking to be a $1.1 Billion Industry by 2023 as people are opting for non- invasive procedures with no down time.

What is Body Sculpting? Is also known as non surgical fat reduction or Body Contouring, which contains multiple different procedures designed to dissolve stubborn fat, tighten skin, rid you of cellulite and shape different areas on your body.

These Procedures include treatments such as: Laser Lipolysis; Laser paddles are placed on the body and is used to break apart fat cells and reduce the volume of fatty tissue. Function: Shrink and soften the fat cells. Ultrasonic Cavitation; 40khz sound waves penetrates into adipose tissue to break down the fat into a liquid that's excrete it through the lymphatic system. Function: Explosion of fat cell membrane, decomposition of melted fat. Bipolar RF Vacuum Therapy; Combining RF & Vacuum therapy to treat cellulite and stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin. Radio Frequency / RF Therapy; Using heat therapy to heat up the dermis layer of skin and stimulate collagen growth.

Body Sculpting works through the Lymphatic System, that begins working after the treatment when the fat cells have been broken down and liquified. The lymphatic system will drain the toxins and fat cells out of the body through your urine. Once treatments begin, the loss of fat starts right away, meaning results can be seen usually after the 1st session. Clients typically continue losing inches for up to 3 days after their session but can go on as long as 6 months. With consistent sessions, clients will see big changes in 3 weeks

By no means is body sculpting a weight loss solution or quick fix, as it will only reduce fat by inches. Clients will not lose a substantial amount of weight through body sculpting alone. A healthy diet and exercise is recommended along with treatment to achieve maximum results. By the end of your training, you will understand how to safely and successfully provide these amazing services to your clients. In addition to the techniques you will learn in class, you may also want to learn wood therapy and Hyaluron Pen as they go hand in hand with these services as well.

Just as with any other course taken with the School of Glamology, a machine, products tools, waiver forms and a certificate is included with this class. Learn from a licensed school with licensed instructors! Call 619.928.4526 or check out this course online. We offer in person training as well as online training.

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